Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a critical marketing tool for a business

that aspires to grow and develop in the digital age.

Maternity ward
Corporate Video maternity ward
Ginegar Corporate Video
Corporate Video Ginegar
Route 6 north highway
Israel & co fundraising video
The security industry
Automotive Animation
Hoverboard advert
Peristlatic pump
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The advantages of corporate video over other presentation methods are clear – utilizing creative tools like smart concept, dynamic cinematography, great sound and music, special effects and animation you can present your business and its advantages to the costumer in the most appealing way.


This is the most efficient way of keeping your clients, and minimizing the chances losing them for the competition.  Research shows that visitor leave websites without video in 5 seconds. Would you want to be amongst these sites?

The delivery platforms for corporate videos are many:
beginning with the most basic place – the company's website, through convention screenings, mobile apps and Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Let us not forget the distribution through email that can reach many potential customers, suppliers, service providers and many more.

Using one corporate video, you can reach hundreds, if not thousands of viewers! Do you know any better marketing tool? Don't pass on this chance – for the sake of your company's marketing efforts.

We at Ein-Hashofet Productions specialize in creating corporate videos that will achieve your company's marketing goals.

Starting with the concept and scriptwriting in full cooperation with the costumer, trough shooting with the most advanced professional HD equipment, and utilizing 3D animation systems.

Our corporate videos are defined by a clean, lean look, short and clear messages, and dynamic fast pace.

So, are you ready for one? Contact us, and let's get going!

A Corporate video is one of the most beneficial and cost effective tools a company can have for improving its marketing, or in other words - this is an expense that yields a much higher financial benefit. As a marketing professional - this is your tool to reach out to your customers and face the competition in a creative, dynamic and attractive way.